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Your Employee Rights Are Protected

Not every employer abides by the federal, state, or local laws that protect San Diego employees. At AMartin Law, we know that when an employer acts out of accordance with the law, you can feel angry, frustrated, or humiliated. Do not let your current or former employer in San Diego add insult to injury by getting away with it.

When your employer breaks the law, you are entitled to legal recourse that can include pursuing damages and other remedies. AMartin Law has won millions for employees levying employment lawsuits. If your case affects more people than you, we also have experience fighting class-action lawsuits. We can help you ensure employers are held accountable for mistreating their employees.

If you think you’ve been wronged by a current or former employer, contact us online or call us at (619) 268-6585 for a free initial consultation of your case.

Our Employment Law Practice Areas

Clients come to AMartin Law whether they have separated or are currently employed by the party they intend to sue. Whatever your working relationship with the company, when you identify an employment law violation, contact an attorney immediately.

We represent workers in San Diego in claims involving:

  • Wage and hour disputes - If your employer skirting minimum wage or otherwise engaging in wage theft, we can help you get the pay you are owed.
  • Misclassifications - Employers will sometimes misclassify employees as independent contracts to save money. If this sounds like you, reach out to our attorneys right away.
  • Wrongful termination - Even though California is an at-will state, employers can still commit acts of wrongful termination. Our lawyers can help if you have been fired in violation of public policy or an existing contract.
  • Sexual harassment - We represent individuals subjected to this form of sex-based employment discrimination. Reach out to us if you have experienced harassment from a supervisor, co-worker, or customer.
  • Discrimination - Despite the many protections against discrimination in California, this is still a pervasive issue in the workplace. We can work with you if you have been subjected to any form of work discrimination.
  • Employment contracts - Our employment lawyers can represent you if you believe your employer has violated an existing contract.
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - You have a right to medical leave while preserving your job. If you have been subjected to retaliation or a wrongful firing for taking FMLA leave, reach out to us right away.

Reach Out to AMartin Law Immediately

Your window to file a lawsuit against your current or former employer is dependent upon the nature of abuse you endured. Some employment-related legal claims have only a few months before your right to challenge an employer expires. Employers anticipating a lawsuit may even leverage this time limit by presenting evidence showing your right to sue has long elapsed. This is all the more reason to call an experienced attorney today.

Contact AMartin Law or call us at (619) 268-6585 if you think you have an employment law complaint. Our free consultation can help you understand your options.

Experienced & Attentive

AMartin Law is focused on and dedicated to helping employees find legal recourse after enduring mistreatment from an employer. After nearly seven years at an international defense firm, Attorney Alisa A. Martin chose to leverage her inside knowledge of how big companies fight to help employees find justice.

She values closely listening to her clients' concerns and understands the impact that her work can have on their lives. That's why her practice emphasizes the importance of providing each client a unique experience.

Contact AMartin Law or call us at (619) 268-6585 as soon as you think you have a legal complaint. We can help you understand the next steps in your employment law case.

Get to Know Your Attorney

Alisa Martin is a passionate, experienced attorney who stays ahead of the curve. Learn more about how she can help you today.

What Drives Us Forward

  • Over a Decade of Legal Expertise

    Before she opened up her firm in 2009, Alisa spent over 6 years working with a large international firm, equipping her with the knowledge of the inner workings of corporations.

  • Free Consultations

    Why pay to have a conversation? The first initial discussion of your case is 100% complimentary.

  • Knowledge of Both Sides of Litigation

    Remember the multinational firm Alisa used to work for? Her experience with them gave her extensive knowledge of defense litigation, which makes her a great asset to the plaintiff side nowadays.

  • One-on-One Personalized Representation

    With a background in clinical psychology, Alisa handles all of her cases with sensitivity and respect. Trust her to take care of each client as if they're her only client.

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