False Advertising

San Diego False Advertising Attorney

Hold Companies Accountable for Deceptive Advertising

Companies typically engage in false advertising by making deceptive or false statements about a product’s or service’s price, performance, features, or effectiveness.

Examples of false advertising include:

  • A candy bar is advertised or labeled as gluten-free when it is not
  • A car rental company advertises an out-the-door 7-day car rental rate, but fails to include in that rate, or disclose, a handling fee when the car is returned

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Misleading Advertising – Failure to Disclose Important Information

Companies also engage in false advertising by concealing or omitting important information about their products or services that would impact a reasonable consumer’s decision to buy the product or service.

The following are some instances of failure to disclose information:

  • A self-tanning lotion advertisement that conceals that the product is dangerous for women who are pregnant or nursing
  • A video game advertisement that omits that the game only works if the consumer pays, in addition to the game price, a monthly membership fee to access key features that are only available online

Bait & Switch

Bait and switch is a scam that “baits” customers with an eye-catching advertisement, such as an extremely low price or large rebate for a product or service. When customers try to purchase the advertised product or service, they are then “switched” to a substitute product or service that is usually more expensive or in higher supply.

Examples of bait and switch include:

  • A shoe retailer advertises 70% off an expensive designer tennis shoe but has only one or two shoes available at that price
  • A hotel advertises an all-inclusive, one-week stay at a low price, but then charges customers mandatory “resort fees,” which substantially increase the price of the stay

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